Do you have a good plan for your money?

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Do you have a good plan for your money?

Specializing in smart management of income from retirement savings and windfalls.

Once you reach retirement, it's time to reap the rewards of decades of saving and investing by spending the money down and enjoying it.  This is the standard view of American financial life - in the early years you save and invest (the accumulation stage) in order to retire and consume your savings (the draw-down stage).  This transition can be a daunting time - you are at a major life inflection point and have a nest egg that needs to be managed much differently during the coming draw-down stage than it did during accumulation.

If you have recently come into a lot of money unexpectedly, you are in a similar situation.  Cash windfalls happen all the time - people inherit money, receive a life insurance payout when someone dies, sell businesses or professional practices, win a judgment in a lawsuit, receive a sizable divorce settlement, or even with the lottery.

Whether you are just entering retirement, or came into a large sum of money unexpectedly, I can help you set your goals and build and maintain a financial plan that achieves them.  You may want to withdraw enough to live comfortably, but not so much that you run out of money before you die.  Or your priority may be to ensure that you leave a large sum for your family or for philanthropy.   Everyone's situation is different.

You can contact me to set up a consultation via phone, email, or using the form below.  Let's get together and determine whether my services are right for you..




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Why having the right Financial Adviser is so important

To Build A Plan Suited For You

Every family's financial situation and goals are different, hence no one plan fits all.  Many people don't realize they need a plan - they dig themselves a deeper and deeper financial hole each month.  They need a plan with the long term in mind, and be able to see how small short term behaviour can have enourmous impacts on their long term financial life.  I will work to understand your situation and goals, build a plan suited for you, and help ensure that it is a plan that you can understand.

To Help You Stick To The Plan

The initial plan is the easy part.  Sticking with it during the inevitable ups and downs of your life and your investments is the hard part.  Helping you stick to your plan over the long term is my most important job as a financial adviser.

To Help Evolve YouR Plan

Your life is constantly in flux, so your financial plan must continuously evolve.  I strive to put a plan in place that does not need to be adjusted with the ups and downs of your investments - a good plan doesn't need to constantly adjust to the markets.  However, lives and goals do change - I will be there to help you anticipate these changes so you can focus more on creating the performance of a lifetime.

Because A Team Beats A Loner

Even the best minds benefit from an outside perspective.

To Grow And Learn With

I look for clients I can build a long-term partnership with.

Because The Wrong One May Fleece You


For most of us income is not aligned nicely with spending over the course of a lifetime.
— William F. Sharpe, Nobel Prize Winning Economist


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For job opportunities, please email me your resume. I'm always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead my firm into uncharted fields of practice.

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